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EntrΦphi, De Leie - Menen ,2020

EntrΦphi, emphasises the universal human need for utopian imagination. Translated through geometry, with experience as the main objective. EntrΦphi is a self-contained biotope on the water. An air treatment station we would not want to depend on for clean air. Oxygen is produced by moss and plants which purify the polluted air, with fountains spouting a torus of water in fixed, short bursts. The beauty and the power of this aquatic installation is in the geometry of the 64-tetrahedron grid. The tetrahedron – a triangular pyramid – is a geometric figure and elementary building block, symbolising the cosmos, its origins and connection to Earth. The water jets represent the energy lines and force field of that building block. Endlessly switchable in any direction, the ecosystem takes us to the core of our existence. The flora seemingly trivialise nature’s ingenuity at directing its structures, growth processes and patterns, yet the intelligence behind it can only be understood through mathematical algorithms and constants such as the Golden Ratio. Yet again a master of organisation, nature does only what is needed. This work is a visual representation of one of nature’s fundamental building blocks, designed to rediscover our natural connection.

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